MBMC: Special Newsletter - October 2021

Autocult manages to surprise us again this month, with the release of the 1:43 model of the 1936 bus, with a streamlined body made by the coachworks of Vetter, in Germany, a specialist in the production of streamlining coach bodies back then. In...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 17 - September 2021

The “Fritz B...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 16 - September 2021

Vector Models (Ukraine) has now come out with a Mercedes-Benz 500K Sport Tourer, in two versions: pre-restoration black with red interior, and as it looks restored today in 2021, dark green with black stripe, beige interior, and green top...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 15 - September 2021

Rare Car Models from Russia will soon release - with order number rcm09 - the Mercedes 40HP double tonneau in the "Carrosserie Roi des Belges" version, in a limited edition of only 15 pieces...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 14 - September 2021

On the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on October 19, 1924, [racing driver (ed.)] Christian Werner and Alfred Neubauer [also a works racing driver at the time] had the idea of building a racing transporter...


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New model from AutoCult. The Swabian car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz conceived the desire to compete in the race ‘Grand Prix of Monza’ on September 7, 1924. Back then this sporting event was a great challenge for both, man and machine...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 13 - August 2021

The years before and following World War I right up to the early 1930’s were marked by a exponentially growing interest in cars, planes, and any form of motorization...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 12 - August 2021

The May 2019 issue of the Newsletter (No. 10/2019) was largely devoted to the 1934 “2000 Km Deutschlandfahrt”, an endurance rally, which introduced the Mercedes-Benz Type 150 ”Sportlimousine” to the public...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 11 - June - August 2021

Autocult is releasing for Avenue the 1/43rd scale model of the prototype Mercedes-Benz 190SL (1954), a car that was planned for Daimler-Benz's most important market, the USA, and was to become very successful, just as the 300SL Gullwing had planned...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 10 - June 2021

From the archives: the DMG Mercedes roadster “Krupp von Bohlen" and its 1:43 model by RW-models (1968) The other day, as I was looking through a few folders on ‘oldtimers’, I came across an article published in the...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 9 - June 2021

In a pre-announcement Matrix has advertised the future release of the one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz 220A, built in 1952, with body by Wendler. The model of this unique car will then be available in two versions, one with an open roof, the other...


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MBMC: Newsletter No 8 - April 2021

  Last May, Altaya presented its new rally auxiliary vehicle press-collection in 1/43rd scale, which was then launched in the Fall of the year...


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